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IT seems to us that perhaps the chief root of the trouble lies in the present method of conducting elections. The manner of electing the President and Vice-President is well enough; but only two candidates are presented for each of these offices, and these are nominated by the retiring board of officers. If an opportunity could be given for nominations from the members in general there would probably be better results from, and more general satisfaction with, the election. As for the Directors, they are chosen at present by some twenty or thirty men getting together in the Auditor's room and electing, by viva voce vote, the first two candidates nominated. A dozen men, with previously selected candidates, can at any time control the election and secure the choice of their favorites. Instances where this has been done are by no means wanting. If the Directors could be chosen by ballot, with full opportunity for nominations previously given, our chances of securing a representative, capable, and energetic board would be far better than at present. It has also been suggested that it would be advantageous to have a portion, at least, of the board chosen from the members at large without regard to class lines. We have no doubt that the above plan, or some other calculated to secure a more careful selection of officers, would bring about a material improvement in the success of the Dining Association.