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We heartily congratulate the Mott Haven Team on their successful endeavor to retain the challenge cup at Harvard, and sincerely hope that it will be a long time before we shall be obliged to relinquish it to any of our numerous athletic rivals. The members of the Team, with the exception of Mr. Thorndike, will all be with us next year; and, in addition, several new athletes are expected to join '85, so that we do not see now why our outlook in track athletics for next season is not exceedingly good. The winning of the cup is due to the careful and conscientious training of the different members of the Team, all of whom are entitled to the greatest credit; nor should we omit to mention the careful and faithful work of their trainer, Mr. James Robinson, whose endeavors added much to bring about the successful results of the different contests. A short account of the different races will be found in our column of Brevities.