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The auditor's report at Memorial, for the first time for many months it must be said, presents a satisfactory showing in the management of the hall. Without any deterioration in the quality of the board, - indeed, with some improvement over the quality of the last few months of last spring, - the price per week has been kept within the limit set by the board of directors. Of course the larger number of members of the association, as well as the reduced cost of provisions, has had a considerable share in this result. The careful oversight exercised by the board of directors and officers of the hall has also no doubt contributed to account for this satisfactory showing. It is to be hoped that the present state of affairs may be maintained for the rest of the year. The experiment of this first month makes it plain, we think, how much the hall depends for its success upon a large membership, and that it is therefore incumbent upon all who can to patronize the hall not only during the fall but throughout the year, in order to assure its successful continuance.

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