Somebody charges General Butler with being the author of "Hudibras." The mud-slinging of the campaign has begun. - [Exchange.

"Towhead," by the author of "Cape Cod Folks," is a recent novel revealing and describing many scenes and escapades in the school life at a young ladies' college.

The rag-pickers of St. Louis have formed an association, one of the avowed objects of which is "to prove to the world that a rag-picker can be a gentleman."

Student : "How is it, doctor, that I always take cold in my head?" Doctor : "It is a well known principle, sir, that a cold is likely to settle in the weakest part." - [Ex.

The University of Pennsylvania proposes to establish a college for women, entirely separate, however, from the rest of the university. It asks for $300,000 for this purpose.

A Western paper, recording the exploit of the bloodhound in an "Uncle Tom's Cabin" company, that lately broke his bonds and killed the donkey of the troupe, remarks that the dog was rather mean to pick out the best actor in the company.

Plays personfied - Howard Carroll, "Fresh, the American;" Secretary Folger, "The Fool's Revenge;" Ben Butler, "Rip Van Winkle;" President Arthur, "The Parvenu;" Roscoe Conkling, "Richelieu;" Samuel J. Tilden, "Patience." - [Puck.

The University Magazine (Philadelphia) also wants an Inter-collegiate Press Association. It says : "Rest assured, the association will be in full vigor ten years from now, whether you help or not; the only question is as to who shall have the honor of being its earliest supporters."