Harvard 1; Amherst 0.

The 'Varsity had a very fine afternoon for their foot-ball match with Amherst Saturday, and though the game as a whole was not particularly exciting, still a number of quite brilliant plays from time to time made it interesting for a while. Amherst kicked off at 2.40, and in three minutes Harvard scored a touch-down through Wesselhoeft from which Mason kicked a goal. During the rest of the three quarters the ball was on Amherst's territory most of the time, and three or four times Harvard narrowly missed scoring, but nothing was gained by either side. In the second three quarters Amherst started off well but was met with a steady resistance, and soon the ball was flying around her goal in a threatening manner. Both sides playing rather carelessly nothing was scored, and time was called with the ball on Amherst's twenty-five yard line. For Amherst Harris and Cahoon did good work, while Harvard's strength lay in good tackling by the rush line and kicking by the quarter-back. Several very pretty runs were made by the half-backs, especially in the first half of the game, when Amherst's hard and quick tackling saved her from worse defeat. On the whole the match gave very good practice to our eleven, as the Amherst team was always on the lookout to gain every possible advantage. But the 'Varsity must play a steadier game and show more spirit in their rushing and tackling. The half-backs in particular must play much more carefully if they are to properly support the rush line. Another weeks practice will doubtless bring a decided improvement in the team and the men will not lose any opportunity to win the coveted laurels. F. H. Clark, '84, umpired for Harvard and C. H. Nichols for Amherst. F. S. Dawes of Yale was referee. The teams were made up as follows : Harvard - Rushers, Morison, Kendall, Cabot, Appleton, Hammond, Gilman, Wesselhoeft; quarter-back, Mason; half-backs, Crane, Codman; back, Edmands. Amherst - Rushers, Sawyer, Claflin, Perine, Cahoon, Tufts, Scarborough, Stuart; quarter-back, Harris; half-backs, Symons, Kimball; back, Robertson.