To let in the yard-No. 68 Thayer.

Club table at Old Brattle House, 42 Brattle street. A dining room on first floor.

To Let-One of the most desirable rooms in Felton, on the first floor. Apply to the janitor.

One more club of ten or twelve gentlemen can be accommodated with board by applying at T. H. Brewer's, Brattle square.

Rooms to let.-Exceptionally pleasant, sunny rooms, elegantly furnished, one flight, front, singly or en suite, furnace and bath. No. 865 Main street.

An experienced tutor in Solid Geometry may be found at 27 Hollis. Terms low and satisfaction guaranteed.

H. HUBBARD, '84.SCHOOL OF ARMS.-Fencing lessons: the foils, single stick, sabre, by Prof. Ch. Kapell, Royal University, Berlin, Germany, at the Social Union Gymnasium, Brattle street, 2d floor, from 2 to 7 P. M.

For sale or exchange-One of the pleasantest rooms in Felton, already nicely furnished. The occupant wishes to room in a private house, and only for this reason offers his room for sale. Sitting room bedroom, bathroom, and two closets. 20 Felton.