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TO THE EDITORS OF THE HERALD: I heartily agree with "Studious" upon the advisability of having carpets on the stairs. As he suggests, rubber cloth will do; we don't need either Axminster or Moquette. But I should like to make a few additional suggestions. I think that a water refrigerator should be placed in each hall-way; it would certainly add greatly to the comfort of the students. And then the chairs at Memorial might be cushioned; "the expense would be very small and the comfort of all would be greatly enhanced." It would certainly be very little trouble, and almost no expense, to have speaking-tubes and electric bells from the students' rooms to the janitor's reception department. Why can't electric lights be placed around the yard, so that a man can safely venture out after nine o'clock - or in at two? I really see no reason why hot water cannot be brought to our rooms in the morning; the expense would be insignificant compared with the increased satisfaction of students. The authorities are singularly remiss in not providing Herdics to take us to our meals; it is barbarous to expect a man to walk this cold weather, - barbarous, yes, cannabalistic. But, gentlemen, I want to ask this: Instead of sending, imperiously, for us to come to the office, why do they not come to us? Eh? - I ask you why don't they? I pause for a reply. You are silent; you do not answer.