We have received from the publisher, Frank Rosewater, one of the most amusing and instructive books that has for a long time been issued from the press. It is entitled "No More Free Rides on this Jackass, or Protection Forever and Everywhere," contains 160 pages, profusely illustrated with a series of comic drawings that are done by the hand of an artist. Mr. Frank Rosewater, the author, treats the subject of protection through a patchwork of stories that are written in a most playful and easy style, and are full of keen satire. He opens up an entirely new and original method of attack on free trade intended to overwhelm that doctrine; in fact, his work is a new analysis of the question that renders the decision conclusive in favor of protection. The work is destined to exert a large influence on the commerce and politics of the future, and will take a high rank in the field of economic literature. Everybody should read this work, to get a thorough understanding of the principles that are destined before long to begin a new era in political and social reform in all countries. For sale in bookstores or by enclosing the price, 50 cents, to the publisher, Frank Rosewater, 989 Woodland avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

"Our French Visitors," published by Moses King, has met with an unusally welcome reception at the hands of both the press and the public. It should be in the hands of every one.

Mr. King has a number of copies of the last Register left. We commend it to the attention of freshmen and others who have not seen it.