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EDITORS HARVARD HERALD: At any time we should be surprised to see such a small audience as that which greeted Prof. Goodwin's lecture in Sanders Theatre last Wednesday evening. When we think, however, that he is to leave us soon, it seems astounding that Harvard men did not embrace the opportunity to hear him upon a subject which he is so peculiarly able to make interesting as that of "Troy and Mycenae." When Prof. Palmer was about to leave, Harvard suddenly realized what a loss his departure would be. When Prof. Goodwin is about to leave, Harvard will undoubtedly awake to a sense of his great and varied services. The time to show their appreciation was when he delivered his lecture to gain money for the "Report of the Assos Expedition." There is, however, one more lecture in this course which is to be delivered next Thursday evening by Prof. Norton, upon the "Assos Expedition." This last lecture should draw a large audience. Prof. Agassiz and Prof. Goodwin delivered their lectures to small audiences composed largely of Cambridge people. Will Harvard men allow three of her best scholars to deliver a course of lectures to audiences composed mostly of empty seats?