Owing to the absence of competitors and to the fact that the captains of the crews had refused to allow any of their men to compete, very few of the events took place yesterday. There were no events contested by '82 men.

In the 100-yards dash of '84 Edmands and Mandell started. Mandell took the lead at the start, but was quickly passed by Edmands, who won the event in fine style. Time, 10 5/8 sec.

The next event was the running broad jump. The contestants were Mandell, and Field. Mandell won the event with a jump of 18 ft. 1/2 in. Field's best jump was 17 ft. 7 in.

In the 220-yards dash, Sturgis and Edmands started. Edmands took the lead and won the event in 24 1/4 seconds.

The rest of the events were walk-overs.