The Longfellow Memorial Association (in whose list of members appear the names of numerous Harvard graduates and professors) has published a circular calling for "National Dollar Subscriptions" to promote the scheme for the erection of a suitable memorial of the poet in Cambridge. Its object it states as follows:

"The association hopes to raise enough money to secure that part of Mr. Longfellow's grounds which lies between the house and the river, there to erect an enduring memorial to Mr. Longfellow, and to keep the spot, doubly rich in associations, forever open to the people. It is also included within the plans of the association to provide for the permanent preservation of the house, should it ever pass out of the possession of the family of Mr. Longfellow. In order to accomplish this, or to erect some other public and appropriate memorial near the scenes of the poet's life, this association calls for a national subscription. It asks for contributions of one dollar each, for which a certificate of honorary membership in the association will be given. Contributions should be sent to John Bartlett, treasurer, P. O. Box 1590, Boston, Mass.