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EDITORS OF HERALD: The victory of the freshman crew in the Columbia class races ought to dispel immediately the current report at Harvard, that the Columbia freshmen have not done much more in the way of boating than organize a crew. Their victory in the class races at Columbia has served to direct our attention to our own freshman crew, and we feel justified in speaking plainly of its work in your columns, since the freshman race with Columbia is eagerly watched by all those interested in freshman athletics, and inasmuch as this race is considered in nearly the same light by the university in general as the Yale-Harvard 'Varsity race. We have noticed lately, we are sorry to say, that a spirit of indifference as to the welfare and success of the crew has pervaded its members. They have certainly displayed much laxness lately in their practice rows - even failing to get out on the river last Saturday, through absence of one of the members. This laxness seems to signify a perfect willingness on their part to take last place on the river in class races. We kindly advise them to "wake up." They certainly cannot expect to do anything in the coming race with Columbia, unless they thoroughly reorganize the crew after class races. Several seats in the boat are by no means satisfactorily filled. There is excellent material in the class that ought to be gotten to work immediately to try for these seats. We have always noticed that a well-organized and victorious crew owes its success invariably to the energy, push, alertness, self-sacrifice and denial of its captain. Let the captain of our crew display more of these traits and we will prophesy renewed enthusiasm among its members, a hearty support by the class, and finally and paramount in importance, a successful and victorious race on the Harlem, July 1st.