Let the motto go forth to all the colleges, "Poor little Bee, their is room enough in the world for you and me." Never give up the valuable virtues for muddled fuddled stultified fabulous pandomoniums. Try is the lever that moves the life and matter of the world. Mark the march of evolution the last six thousand years ever since the days of Adam and Eve playing behind an apple tree sowing leaves together to make an apron or the dens and caves in the earth for a habitation. The future of the past eclipsed by humanity to man the heaven of the mind. Shakespere divides greatness into three characters, first born great, second to have greatness thrust upon you and third to make yourself great.

to become great is to paddle your own canoe, to govern, regulate and harmonize mind and matter sic transit glory a mondi! !

DANIEL PRATT, the Great American Traveller.CAMBRIDGE, May 8th, 1882.