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In spite of the urgent request of the class day committee, and in spite of the wishes of the whole senior class and the sentiment of the entire college, a member of the graduating class is endeavoring to induce the poorer members of '82 to sell their tickets to him, and to aid him in getting into his hands all that may remain unsold after the stated day. In this way he will be enabled to have a monopoly of the tickets, and dispose of them at whatever price or to whatever persons he may choose for his greatest pecuniary gain. We would urge upon all the members of '82 to do everything in their power to prevent this movement, that has been found in previous years to be so pregnant of results that must mar the best features of class day, the comparative privacy and strictly college character of the exercises and company. All admire and are willing to aid the energy of those who strive to earn money in various ways sufficient to defray their expenses while at college, but it does seem as if men might forego the pleasure of money-making for at least one day of the year, and that the very last day of the college course.