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EDITORS HARVARD HERALD: Passing in at Memorial today I noticed but one forlorn umbrella standing in the racks in the transcept, while inside the dining-hall I found a number of umbrellas ranged along the walls beneath the coats and hats of their owners. The reason of this condition of affairs is plain. The racks stand outside, unprotected and alone, and men will not risk exposing their property to the danger of theft or easy misappropriation by leaving their umbrellas here. Too many cases have already occurred of umbrellas disappearing and of their owners being unable to regain them. Thus it has come to pass that the umbrellas are carried inside where they can be safely disposed of during meal time.

The remedy that I would suggest for this state of affairs is, that the umbrella racks be removed to the auditor's room, where the paper boy or a waiter might be put in charge over them. The racks would not take up an unnecessary amount of room ranged along the wall, and could be easily disposed of, as now, when not in use. In this way men could have some hope of seeing their umbrellas again when they had put them in the racks, and the dining-hall would not be littered up by the dripping things.

DEC. 6, '83.