Notwithstanding the very excellent prospects with which the nine began its work of the season of '83, the result of the summer's work was not at all satisfactory to the college. Of the six games which were arranged with Yale, five were played, all resulting in favor of Yale, the sixth being a draw, on account of rain. The fourth game was played at New Haven on June 26th, and resulted in favor of Yale by a score of 1-0. The game was well contested throughout, and was won in the last half of the ninth inning. The July game in New York was called at the end of the fourth inning, the score standing Yale 1, Harvard 1, even innings. On July 3d the nine went to Philadelphia and on the afternoon of July 4th was dedicated by Yale by a score of 23-9. The entire trip was very unsatisfactory both with regard to the result of the games, and also in a pecuniary way. Last year's experience should be of great help to the nine of '84, and with careful practice and conscientious training we do not see why the nine should not show a good record.