Prof. Sylvester, of Johns Hopkins has been appointed professor of mathematics at Oxford.

Mr. Goodwin '84 ran in practice on the old track on Jarvis.

The bicycle hare and hounds run takes place tomorrow at 3 P. M

Messrs. C. E. Hamlin, A. Hamlin, G. U. Crocker and C. H. Converse of '84 have been elected members of the Hasty Pudding.

The "time cups" offered by the Bicycle will doubtless cause many to take part in tomorrow's run.

Meeting of the class of '86 tonight in Boylston Hall at 7.30, for the election of officers.

The sophomore class will meet in Boylston Hall at 7.30 this evening to elect officers for the coming year.

Freshman, overheard asking upper classman, "Do you make application to the dean for the tennis courts?"

Mr. Launt Thompson has just finished a bust of Prof. Bigelow, intended for the Harvard Medical School.

Several of the law students complain that the acoustic properties of the lecture rooms in the new Law School are very bad.

The new track is getting into fine shape and should be the scene of some fast running next spring among our bicyclists.

Baron George Von Bunsen, member of the Imperial and Prussian Parliament, will give a lecture here tonight, on "Election Methods in Germany" (the nomination, canvass, election, and subsequent relation to constituents) at No. 11 Sever Hall.

George M. Hendee, of the Springfield Bicycle Club, broke the one and five mile record day before yesterday at New Haven. His time for the mile was 2:50, for the five was 15:23. The records for the intermediate distances were also probably broken.

Last week, Tuesday, a silk umbrella was taken by mistake. Owner can obtain it by calling at 13 Kirkland Place.

Barnes and Cabot, '86, propose to try for the university crew.

A. D. Claflin, '86, talks of attempting to break the two mile college bicycle record held by C. A. Reed of Columbia in 6.47 1-2.