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The new track is progressing finely and we are promised the 'best track in America." This is capital, but with our new track we must have a grand stand suitable to it. According to the plans and specifications approved by the athletic committee of the faculty and shown, by the kindness of Prof. Norton, to a representative body of students and athletes last spring, such a grand stand would cost about $10,000. Enough money was raised before the summer vacation to level the field and to build the track and have perhaps $1000 to $2000 over. Now at least $8000 must be raised this winter if we are to get our grand stand this year. There is no reason why this should not be done if the collectors appointed last spring and their friends to do as much as possible. We urge also upon the graduates of the college "not to forget us in our time of need," especially as we are not allowed to make a public call on them, and we hope that collectors of subscriptions may be appointed as soon as possible from '87.