The News comments as follows on the recent game between Harvard and Wesleyan : The Harvard foot-ball team played Wesleyan on Saturday at Hartford. The game resulted in a victory for Harvard by the score of three goals and two touchdowns to one goal and one touch down, or, by the new method of counting, 19 points to 8 points. The game was closer than the scores would indicate. Wesleyan kept the ball in Harvard's half of the field most of the time, and lost the game rather by costly errors than by the superior playing of Harvard. There was little passing and few runs were made. The Harvard team in general tackled well ; their rushers blocked well, particularly in the middle of the line ; the goal kicking was good ; but there was a good deal of bad fumbling at one time or another. Austin did most of the playing for the half-backs and made some fine kicks, but also did some bad fumbling. Appleton, Cabot and Austin did the best playing on the team but it was not up to the standard of last year's team.

But it would not be safe to draw any inferences from this game as to the relative strength of the team which Harvard will put into the field for the championship games and our own. For, in the first place, the game played by the Wesleyan team against Harvard cannot be compared with any game which it has played against us. The Wesleyan team has improved astonishingly since it has played us. The kicking of the half-backs was way above average, while the rush line is made up of some superior materials. The determined and business-like way in which the Wesleyan team went to work at the beginning of the game was probably entirely unexpected by Harvard, and consequently made the Harvard team seem at first weaker than it really was. And then, too, it must be borne in mind that the team which Harvard will send into the championship games has not yet been selected, and that it is quite probable that not more than half of the team, as it will be finally made up, played in the game at Hartford.