We are surprised to see Progress retailing such silly talk as the following : "There is a street-car conductor in Chicago who is a college graduate, and can also converse in all the modern languages. He might, you know, be a college graduate and still be ignorant of French, German, etc. This conductor (and he is not, it would be safe to wager, the only one of his kind in the country) does not agree that his education has been of important service to him in his struggle for existence. When in need it did not secure for him a better place than that of car conductor, and as a car conductor it is no help to him. He can pull the bell to stop and start the car, and can make change no more skillfully than if his head had never ached over a Latin grammar or he had never read a French novel. And yet it would not be advisable to argue from this that all our colleges should be shut."