The Wesleyan foot-ball team have scored 90 points to their opponents 78.

The Christmas Recess begins Sunday Dec. 23, and ends Wednesday, Jan. 2.

Water, of Troy, is at work on a new paper shell for the University crew.

Several members of the shooting club practiced at Walnut Hill, Saturday.

Professor J. W. White is expected home today.

There will be an hour examination in Greek 2, next Saturday.

The members of the shooting club are endeavoring to secure a club-room.

Seats have been assigned in History 1, 2, and 13.

Baldwin, '86, has been elected an editor of the Lampoon.

There are twenty men trying for positions on the second Glee Club at Yale.

The Yale Glee Club gave a successful concert at Amherst on Wednesday last.

The annual boat race of the English universities will take place about the middle of March.

Professor Shaler ahs been unable to assign seats in N. H. 4, owing to lack of desks.

The members of History 13 have been asked to hand in a written opinion on "A remedy for the evils in the system of removals."

Dr. Sargent will lecture this evening before the Boston Y. M. C. Union, on "Walking as an Exercise."

An association of teachers of French has been organized in Boston for protecting the purity of the language.

Justin Winsor, librarian of Harvard, is the orator at the Ann Arbor library dedication.

Professor Sophocles is still dangerously ill and is not expected to live much longer.

The first of the moot courts will be held on Wednesday at 2 P. M. in the great hall of the Law School.

Instructor in Political Economy to student,-"Who is a monopolists?" Student,-"One who talks continually during recitations !"

Mr. Matthew Arnold pronounces the audience who listened to him at Amherst, the most appreciative he has met thus far in America.

Some college songs are promised at the Glee Club concert tonight that are decidedly new, four of them having words that were written by undergraduates this year.

Professor Goodwin, in his paper on the "American Classical School at Athens," said that Harvard wants $70000 to maintain a permanent director.

President Porter has accepted the invitation of the Yale Alumni Association at Wilksbarre, Pa., to be present at their first dinner during the holidays.

Prof. Hoppin, of the Yale Art School, is delivering a series of lectures on art in the hall of the Young Men's Christian Association in New York.

The London Times is to be taken hereafter in the Law School reading room, and afterwards placed on file in the college library.

The Boston Globe is authority for the statement that the Cambridge Bicycle Club, will give a minstrel entertainment sometime about Feb. 1st, in which they will have the assistance of the Glee Club.

The Philosophical Society from '84 is composed of the following men : Drown, Frothingham, Gates, Hawkins, Mumford, Saunders, Sexton, Smith. The officers are : President, L. E. Gates ; secretary, W. D. Smith.

The Harvard Pudding Club is not to act in Philadelphia this winter. Is that because the Amateur Drawing Room is no more ? Have they not a kind of theatre at the league ? Or if it could not be obtained, there is a goodsized hall on Seventh street connected with the Mercantile Club. But maybe the pudding does not want, or is not allowed, to come. [Progress.