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Tonight the Glee Club-Pierian concert is to be given. We would again impress upon the college the necessity of supporting these two societies by a large attendance, and would again state that this attendance is a debt which the college owes to both clubs. We do not believe that there is another college in the land where it would be necessary to make such appeals in order to secure the clubs a good support. The fact that each year it seems to be necessary to urge the students to show at least a fairly patriotic spirit towards them does not redound at all to our credit. In a university of the standing of Harvard, a large attendance at these concerts ought to be given as a matter of course,-if merely on account of the musical excellence that is always shown at them. We trust that this strange lethargy which seems to hold the college may be shaken off, and that the concert tonight may evince the fact that the students are both ready and willing to render the support they are in duty bound to give.