Appropriate Celebrations at Harvard.

Washington's one hundred and fiftieth birthday was appropriately observed at Harvard by singing "America" at morning chapel and by serving George Washington soup at lunch at Memorial. In addition to these recognitions of the day, the occasion was also celebrated in the afternoon by a largely attended exhibition of fire-escapes back of Thayer. The entertainment was carried out according to programme, beginning with the world-renowned loose rope performance on Rice's patent fire escape, and ending with a volunteer fire-ladder exhibition enlivened with numerous exciting divertissements du dog-fight. The raising of the ladder to a fifth story window occupied six minutes, but could undoubtedly be made much shorter with practice and experience in their use.

In the descents on the patent fire-escapes the only thing that seemed to detract from the solemnity of the occasion was the frantic clutchings and clawings of the air by the unfortunate victims of the experiments. We may add that Mr. Knapp proposes to have an exhibition of other fire escapes in a few days, including the famous canvas chute arrangement. He also suggests that the students volunteer and take part in frequent practice in raising the extension fire-ladders.

The day was further celebrated by the visit of the American Association of Mining Engineers to the college, so that altogether it may fairly be said that Washington's Birthday never in the memory of present under-graduates has met with such distinguished consideration at the hands of the college.