The annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge, which is to be rowed tomorrow over the Putney-to-Mortlake course on the Thames, has not excited as much attention in this country this season as during some previous ones - possibly because in former years the ocean cable thrilled for a week or two beforehand with daily details of the betting on this event and the condition of the rival crews. Yet, according to all indications, the race will be as exciting and closely contested as any that has been rowed for several years. Nobody, at any rate, expects, barring accidents, that the contest will repeat Oxford's last year's victory of twenty lengths. The odds are again on the oarsmen of the Isis; partly, no doubt, because they have once more as stroke Mr. L. R. West of Christ Church, who occupied the same position in Oxford's victories of 1880 and '81. The light-blue has a heavy and powerful crew, of whom much is expected, though thus far their stroke is considered hardly equal to that of their competitors. The race is admitted, however, to be a doubtful one, and, with good weather, it will doubtless be attended by an enormous crowd of spectators, since it comes off in the afternoon, whereas, in some former years, the sight-seers have been compelled to get out before breakfast for this purpose. - [N. Y. Sun.