H. A. A.

Second Day.

The number of entries for the first ladies' day of the winter meetings was large, '83 and '86 largely predominating, having together 25 out of 31 entries.

VAULTING.The first event on the programme was the two-hand vault, for which there were eight entries: T. C. Bachelder, '83; A. C. Denniston, '83; G. B. Morison,'83; W. Soren, '83; C. H. Atkinson, '85; M. J. Stone, '85; S. Cary, '86; S. H. Fessenden, '86.

The bar was started at about 5 ft. 5 in., and was raised gradually until it reached 6 ft. 6 1/4 in., when Bachelder and Denniston failed in two trials, and dropped out. When the bar reached 6 ft. 9 3/4 in. Morison, Cary and Fessenden failed, leaving Stone, Soren and Atkinson. The two first-mentioned soon after failed. and Mr. Atkinson, clearing the bar with ease, was adjudged the winner with a record of 7 ft. 1 in., 1 1/4 in. better than was made last year.

LIGHT-WEIGHT SPARRINGWas next in order. There were four contestants: W. H. Page, '83, H. M. Ayars, '86, F. S. Parker, '86, W. A. Stebbins, '86. Mr. Page won the middle-weight championship last week and it was expected that he would have rather an easy time of it with his lighter competitors. O. G. Smith, '83, who intended to enter in this event and who would undoubtedly have made a hard fight for the cup, was prevented from contesting by severe illness. The first bout was between W. A. Stebbins and W. H. Page. Stebbins was very tall for his weight, and had an exceedingly long reach, which stood him in good stead with his hard-hitting adversary.

First round - Stebbins led off with his right hand, but Page escaped by a neat duck, but he tried it once more with good success and caught Page on the side of the head. Page led for stomach and head, but was forced to fight very wary to escape Stebbins' right, which was used with good effect. The round closed a little in favor of Stebbins.

Second round - Page swung his right twice on Stebbins' side with good effect. Stebbins in turn got in two good leads, while Page kept swinging for his side. Soon after Page got in a good round shot on Stebbins' head, which staggered him for a moment. Both men desisted from rushing, each sparring off a great deal.

Third round - Both men fought hard from the beginning, and Page by a round blow floored his antagonist. The bout was given to Page.

Second bout - The second bout of the light-weight sparring was between H. M. Ayars, '86, and F. S. Parker, '86.

First round - Both men opened well and for a time leads, counters and body blows followed each other in rapid succession, much to the delight of the audience. Ayars, who was quicker and more scientific than his adversary, had the best of this round.

Second round - Once more the men went at it with a will, Parker leading and Ayars countering with good success. Ayars got in some leads and body blows and was loudly applauded. Parker stood up to his work with a will, however, and the contest was most exciting.

Third round - Parker led off with his right, only to have it returned with interest by a solid cross counter from Ayars, who forced the fighting with good success, although Parker was not slow in returning the many blows which his opponent offered. The bout was given to Ayars.

CLUB SWINGING.For the club swinging there were three entries: A. Hamlin, '84; E. N. Snyder, '86; H. A. Taylor, '86. All of the men showed great proficiency and executed many difficult and graceful movements which elicited much applause. The cup was awarded to Hamlin, who executed some very difficult movements with apparent ease, winning hearty applause.

FENCING.R. D. Smith, '86; W. O. Underwood, '84, and R. D. Foote, '86. were the entries for this event, and of these Underwood was the only one who had fenced in the gymnasium before. As Foote had drawn the bye, the first bout was between Smith and Underwood. Both men appeared quite proficient, and displayed great agility in lunging and parrying. Underwood's left-handed thrust proved very effective. He succeeded by a dexterous turn in disarming his antagonist several times, and finally won the bout by 7 points to 3.

STANDING HIGH JUMP.The next event was the standing high jump, for which there were seven entries: D. B. Chamberlain, '86; A. C. Denniston, '83; T. C. Bachelder, '83; W. Soren, '83; F. B. Fay, '83; C. O. Lander, '86; G. B. Morison, '83.

Mr. Soren won for us the best college record in this event at the inter-collegiate games, and it was almost a foregone conclusion that he would take the cup, but the numerous entries made the contest exciting and interesting to the spectators. The bar was started at 3 ft. 6 in. Mr. Lander was the first to fail at 4 ft. 4 1-10 in. When the bar reached 4 ft. 5 1/2 in. Morison, Bachelder and Denniston failed, leaving Soren, Chamberlain and Fay. At 4 ft. 7 1-10 in. Fay dropped out, and at 4 ft. 9 8-10 in. Chamberlain failed, leaving Soren the winner, who made a record of 4 ft. 11 3-10 in.

FEATHER-WEIGHT SPARRING.As Mr. G. H. Heilbron, '83, was the only entry this event was not contested, and the cup was given to Heilbron who has won this event for the past two years.

LIGHT-WEIGHT SPARRING.Final bout. - The final bout of the light-weight sparring was between Page and Ayars, the winners of the previous bouts. Page had an advantage in weight, being about 7 pounds heavier than his antagonist. The latter, however, by the excellent showing which he made in his first bout, was expected to make a good set-to.

First round - The men seemed very evenly matched in this round, Page, however, doing most of the leading, while Ayars countered very prettily. Page sent one of his favorite round shots home with good effect.

Second round - Ayars started proceedings with a lead which took Page full in the face, following it up with several others, while Page did not succeed in sending many of his blows home. Ayars sparred in very good form and elicited loud applause by his skilful leading and parrying.

Third round - Page forced the fighting, but Ayars was very skilful in stopping Page's right with his left and getting in his right with good effect. Page was too heavy, however, and his skill at in-fighting gave him the cup.

Some of the partisans of Ayars showed very poor taste in hissing the decision of the judges.

Ayars made a hard, plucky fight, and we predict for him success before leaving college.

FENCING - (Final Bout.)The final bout in this event was between Mr. Underwood, the winner of the previous bout, and Mr. R. D. Foote, who had drawn the bye. Mr. Underwood was successful in disarming his opponent, but Mr. Foote got more points, and the bout was accordingly awarded to him, with a record of 7 points to 6.

RUNNING BROAD JUMP.There were four entries in this event: W. Soren, '83; C. M. Field, '84; C. O. Lander, '86; L. Lincoln, '86. After a spirited contest Mr. Soren won, with a record of 18 ft. 3 in.

TUG-OF-WAR.The tug-of-war teams were as follows: '83 - H. Lilienthal, 131 1/2 lbs.; W. Fuller, 146 1/2 lbs.; T. C. Bachelder, 149 lbs.; J. H. B. Easton, 170 1/8 lbs., anchor; total, 597 1/8. '84 - J. B. Walker. 145 lbs.; A. R. Crane, 141 lbs.; L. V. LeMoyne, 150 lbs.; G. Kemp, 159 7/8 lbs., anchor; total, 595 7/8. The teams had been practising hard for the past week, and most of the interest of the meeting centred in this event. '84 was for a long time unquestionably the favorite, but during the past week '83's stock had risen so that on Saturday the chances were considered about even, '84 being still a little the favorite.

The word was given at 5.17. '83 won the drop by four inches, but by a sudden heave '84 reduced this lead by an inch. This lead '83 succeeded in retaining till the end of the first minute, and with little change until the end of the second. As soon as the end of the second minute was announced '83 got in a huge heave and gained fully six inches, which it continued to increase till the end of four minutes when they had raised it to a foot. During the next minute, however, '84 gradually reduced this lead and at the end of four and a half minutes it appeared as though she might scrape