Pi Eta theatricals tonight.

The Elective Pamphlet will probably be out May 1.

Tuesday's Yale News contains a letter from Harvard.

There were no recitations in Latin 6 or 8 yesterday.

Professor C. L. Jackson will take a vacation next year.

Part VI. of Langdell's "Cases on Jurisprudence," is out.

English I. will take up Milton's poems at the next recitation.

Mr. Kinnicutt has been appointed professor of chemistry at Worcester.

The last number of Science has articles by C. S. Minot and W. M. Davis.

Prof. Norton is to have a course on "Dante" next year, to be called Italian IV.

The Pierian Sodality and Glee Club give a concert in Brookline next Tuesday.

The last Life contains a poem, "A Tragedy in Triolets," by Curtis Guild, Jr., of the class of '81.

A boat club has been formed at Toronto University to compete with United States college crews.

Mr. Kinnicutt has injured his hand so badly that it is feared he will not be able to lecture any more this year.

Directors of Memorial Hall will be elected today from the three lower classes and the Law and Scientific Schools.

The first field-day at Michigan University is to come off May 12. Among other contests we note "chasing a greased pig."

The eighth ten of the Institute of 1770, from '85, is as follows: Sutton, Fishback, F. W. White, E. L. Thayer, Briggs, Nutter, Miller, Weld, Carpenter and Fogg.

Some friend of Yale's athletic interests has offered a cup worth twenty-five dollars to the winner of the quarter mile runs at the spring meeting.

The current Argonaut contains an engraved portrait of B. F. Cocker, late professor of mental and moral philosophy in University of Michigan.

The first ten of the Institute of 1770, from '86, is as follows: Borland, Peabody, Minot, Belmont. Cabot, Clark, Sedgwick, Ames, Parsons, Whitman.

The sixth of the Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science is on the "Parish Institutions of Maryland," by Edward Ingle, A. B.

An election of officers of the Law School Reading Room Association will be held today and tomorrow. President, treasurer and directors from the two lower classes are to be elected.

The Yale consolidated nine defeated the freshman nine on Saturday by a score of 10 to 4. The score was 4 to 0 in favor of '86 until the sixth inning, in which the consolidated made ten runs.

Oberlin College celebrates its semicentennial anniversary on the 4th of next July. More than two thousand students have graduated from its halls, and many of them have become conspicuous as educators, legislators and pastors.

Candidates for the inter-collegiate tug-of-war team will please be back of the gymnasium at 5 o'clock today.