Tutoring in Algebra and Analytics by T. C. Bachelder, '83. 16 Hollis.

Found-In the library, a card-case containing photographs. Apply at the desk.

Tutoring in Algebra and Analytics, maximum and minimum. George W. Sawin, 27 Hollis.

For tutoring in Algebra apply to G. W. Brown, 15 Grays. References given to former pupils.

For sale-A sloop yacht, five years old. Roomy cabin, good cruiser, all appurtenances. For price and furthur particulars apply to W. E. Haskell, 32 Holyoke.

Lost-Saturday, the 14th, a lettered blank book, with a rough binding of black with red leather on back and corners, containing the Harvard assembly list. Any one finding this book will confer a favor by leaving it in the cooperative office.