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The result of the Columbia race is perfectly satisfactory to Harvard. Although but little doubt was felt in Cambridge about the success of our crew, still to have our confidence justified by such a marked victory is peculiarly gratifying to Harvard. Although the charge that the Harvard crew, after defeating the Yale crew in such a fast race, was afraid to row Columba, last year, was a preposterous one, still we fear that there were many men from the New York college whose hopes so warped their judgment that they almost believed it. Such men will be relieved by the race just rowed. They will no longer be troubled by perplexing guesses at "what might have been." Of course our defeat this year would not have been an acknowledgement of fear last year, but, luckily, victory makes all argument on that point unnecessary. Therefore, with excellent reason, we extend our congratulations to the crew. After such a victory, the college should require no more urging to bring out the sum necessary for the support of the crew. The deficit is still a large one and should be made up at once. We hope every man who is able will show his confidence in the crew and his gratification at the result of yesterday's race by subscribing to its support at once.