The fifteenth annual spring games (invitation meeting) of the New York Athletic Club take place Saturday, June 9th, at 4 P. M. The following competitions will be open to the associate clubs of the national association of amateur athletes, colleges, members of the Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association, bicycle clubs belonging to the League of American Wheelmen, or gentlemen introduced by members of the New York Athletic Club: 100 yards run, handicap; 440 yards run, handicap; 1-6 mile hurdle race, handicap; half mile run, special; one mile walk, handicap; one mile bicycle, handicap; one mile run, handicap; three mile bicycle, handicap; pole vaulting; running high jump; running broad jump; base-ball throwing, for distance. Admission to the grounds by invitation only. Entries close June 4th, for Harvard men. Entries must be telegraphed today.

WILLIAM WOOD, Secretary,P. O. Box 3101, New York City.