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We consider the decision of the overseers unwise, for reasons already stated. But the decision could not have been made by a more representative, or responsible, or authoritative body of men, and it will stand. * * * Waiving any further discussion of a settled matter, it is apparent that the action of the board was not intended to cast the slightest disrespect upon the office Gen. Butler occupies, and, on the other hand, it is contended that the discrimination between the official and the man will add to rather than detract from the dignity of the chief magistracy of the State. The reasons operating on the minds of those who voted against granting the degree are obvious. * * * The overseers undoubtedly acted as they thought best for the interests of the college and its influence as an educational institution of world-wide fame. Time will show whether or not they erred in drawing the line at Gen. Butler. It must be confessed that they have increased the honor attaching to a LL. D., when coming from Harvard. The rule they have now tacitly laid down will impel the board hereafter to critically dissect the claims of future governors to the degree Gen. Butler has been refused. - [Transcript.