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It is perhaps unnecessary to explain in reference to our editorial of yesterday that Gov. Butler and not the HERALD was the one who ascribed the authorship of "The Brook" to Longfellow.

The editor of Progress relates a doleful experience of his as a college student: "During the brief while that I honored the University of Pennsylvania with my presence as an alleged student, it was the habit of my class and myself to invest every morning, each of us, in a quarter dollar's worth of roasted almonds, to help while away the weary hours of college life. Just before ten A. M., when the chapel bell would call us from the Continental, Girard, and other neighboring billiard saloons (the university was then on Ninth street, above Chestnut,) we would proceed to Vansant's, then Ninth and Chestnut, for the almonds. One day I saw there a smooth, tempting looking fruit; I ate one of them. It was hot-house, bran new and good. The cost was $1.50. Since then I price before eating.