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The Yale bicycle club at its regular meeting elected the following officers for the college year : President, Maxwell, '85; Secretary and Treasurer ; Hyde, '86 ; Capt., Hutchings, '86, Sheff. Lieutenant, Atwood, '85, Sheff. It was also voted to hold a race meeting in the early part of June, and that the club should enter the League of American Wheelmen in order that the records should be accepted as valid. The New Haven clubs have also agreed to turn out at that time in full force, and thus lend all in their power to make the meeting a success. Hendee, the champion, will enter these races and try to lower the records in every distance up to ten miles. There may be some of the fastest riding ever seen in this country at the meet. The club will have social meetings at intervals through the winter, in order to keep up the interest in the sport.

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