All of the candidates for the different crews are hard at work and in strict training. The 'Varsity has been rowing on the river twice a week all the fall and now rows daily on the machines in the gymnasium. The following is the order in which they are rowing:

Bow, Keith, '85.

2. Cabot, '86.

3. Storrow, '85.

4. Mumford, '84.

5. Hamlin, '86.

6. Yocum, '85.

7. Borland, '86.

Stroke. Perkins, '84, (Captain.)

The men are coached daily by Col. Bancroft and are rowing well.

The number of candidates for the freshmen crew is gradually dwindling down, and at present there are ten men rowing in the afternoon. In addition to these, several of the football men are being coached in the evening. The ten are rowing in the following order:

1. Storrow,

2. Scott,

Bow. Keyes,

4. Michael,

5. Endicott,

6. Wheelwright,

7. Robinson,

8. Rantoul,

9. Ayer,

Stroke. Mumford, (Captain.)

They are coached daily by Col. Bancroft.

The seniors have a large number of candidates for the vacant positions in their boat, and at present only the new men are rowing. Captain Bryant is coaching the crew. Following is the order:

1. Osborne.

2. Turner.

Bow. Darling.

4. Field.

5. Barnes.

6. Bonsal.

7. Kemp.

8. Conant.

9. Burr.

10. Penrose.

The juniors have been working hard for about two months, and at present are rowing well, coached by Col. Bancroft. The vacant seats have been filled by new men. The crew is rowing in the following order:

1. Mumford.

2. Howard.

Bow. Bradford.

4. Bowen.

5. Baldwin.

6. B. B. Thayer.

7. J. E. Thayer. (Captain)

8. Sutton.

9. Homans.

10. Hansen.

The sophomores have lost several of last year's crew, but have a large number of candidates to pick from. At present they are rowing in the following order, coached by Col. Bancroft.

1. Fish.

2. Rogers.

Bow. Hurd.

4. Dewey.

5. Latham.

6. Brown.

7. Guild.

8. Vogel.

9. Roberts.

10. Harris.