All notices published under this head except "Lost" and "Found" notices must be paid for before insertion.

For Sale.-A pair of nickel-plated New York Club Skates. Price $2.00. Apply at Brock and Leavitt's.

Lost - Tuesday morning between Weld and Memorial a red leather pocket book containing money. Finder please leave at 51 Weld, or send notice.

Secure your tickets for the grand musical and literary entertainment at Union Hall, Thursday evening, Jan. 17, 1884, at Brock and Leavitt's. Talent-Germania Orchestra; Thomas Henry, cornetist; Wyzeman Marshall, elocutionist; Mrs. E. A. Taylor, soprano; Lotos Glee Club.

Tutoring in N. H. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8, Wm. W. Nolen, 43 Holyoke.

To let for the rest of the year, 29 Weld. Apply to the janitor.

Found.-In front of Holworthy a room key. Owner can have same by applying 52 Thayer.

Tutoring in Spanish 1 and 2 by an experienced tutor. Address B., 880 Main street.

E. L. Conant, tutor in Fine Arts 3, Hist, 12 and Phil. 1.

Tutoring in German by a Harvard graduate who has studied three years in Germany. Refers to publics in university. Harry W. Robinson, D. 26.

Tutoring in N. H. 2, 3, and in Polit, Econ. 1. Address, Harrington, 14 Trowbridge St.

Wanted.-A club table can be accommodated at 5 Linden street with a pleasant front dining room. Also seats at a general table.

Lost.-An oxidized silver scarf pin (horse's head) Finder please leave at office in Gymnasium.

Lost.-Fox-terrier dog. Name Fox. Reward if returned to Brock and Leavitt's.

Tutor in Fine Arts 3. G. A. Stewart, 3 Grays.

Tutor in N. H. 2, 4, History 12 and 13. J. H. McIntosh, 3 Stoughton.

For experienced tutor in German I, IV. Address "G." 26 Holyoke street.

Tutoring in N. H. 2, 3, 4 and 5. F. S. Bunker, 5 H.

A. E. A. Godnefrin, teacher of French. No. 40. Montgomery street, Boston,

Have you bought that Newmarket yet? H. Landon Hurlbert, tailor, 125 Tremont street, Boston, recommends this garment as the swell coat for young men.

Mr. E. J. Ferris, has finally consented to take classes in sparring to consist of four members each. Terms: twenty-four lessons (private)$20; twenty-four lessons (in classes) $15. Those wishing to enter the winter sports should commence at once. Hours, 9 A. M. to 6 P. M., over Ramsav's drug store