We have the authority of a member of the faculty for the following anecdote of Prof. Sophocles: In a certain class, some twenty years ago, there were two students of the same name, one a youth of leisure and the other a man of study. They sat side by side in the Greek section under Professor Sophocles, who was, as is known, a better scholar than instructor. The mark lists at that time were made out monthly, and Jones, the student, was surprised one morning to find that his marks were low, and the other man's were high. The professor had evidently mixed up the names, and Jones remonstrated. An adjustment was promised; yet next month came the same mistake. For the third month the marks were correct; the fourth time brought around the same error.

When another remonstrance was made Prof. Sophocles was rather nettled, and turning fiercely on Jones said: "Your name is Jones, sir, and you must abide by the consequences."