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We are surprised to learn that the instructor in junior themes has seen fit to require another theme from the class before the semi-annual examinations. This fact is the more remarkable as one half the work of the year is already accomplished in their course, for the work consists of six themes, and of these three have already been handed in. There is therefore no necessity for requiring the fourth theme until after the examinations; in fact we believe it has been the universal custom to divide the work evenly between the first and second half-year. The remaining few weeks before the examinations are for the most part given up wholly to preparation for the semis, and any interruption, however slight, must necessarily be annoying. The necessity of writing a theme, which is due two days before the examinations begin, is unfortunate, to say the least, and ought, we think, to be removed. As the instructor has hither to been very careful to accommodate the students as much as possible, we hope an arrangement may be effected by which their theme may be postponed until after the examinations.