No Headline

These are the objections which have convinced me that the class will do wrong to carry this transparency. I must confess, however, that there is one strong motive which urges me, as a senior, to over-ride my convictions. I hear that the Blaine and Logan Battalion of the Law School have threatened to take the transparency away from us. I think, however, that the Senior Class has little to fear from the Blaine and Logan Battalion. But even if there were a question as to their following up their words with deeds, the course of the seniors should not be influenced thereby. If to carry the transparency would be an insult to the Republicans or a violation of the college practice, the temptation to engage with the Law School myrmidons would not dissuade us from doing what is right. It is too late to bring this matter up in class meeting, but, if this communication can exert any influence, I hope the class will refuse to carry in the procession the transparency which they have ordered.