No Headline

A few days ago we published an editorial asking for better support from the three lower classes in the literary department of the paper. This request, we are glad to say, has not fallen upon deaf ears, for we have already received several articles and communications from candidates for the position of editor. Like Oliver, however, we are obliged to call for more. The Junior class is especially weak in point of numbers, as it is at present represented by only one man. Such a state of things should not be allowed to continue. There are plenty of men in '86 who are capable of assisting us. The power is there, but the inclination is wanting. '86 is well represented on the other college papers, and there is no reason why it should not be as well represented on the CRIMSON.

We hope that pride in the college, and pride in their own class will induce '86 men to see that their class is well represented upon the editorial staff of this paper.

We have as yet no information in regard to the members of '88 but we should be glad to receive articles of interest from any member of the Freshman class as we intend during the year to choose several editors from their number. If any candidates give promise of proving good men we should like to elect one or two before Christmas. The time, however, when it will be best for us to select a freshman editor rests entirely with the class and there it must rest until '88 has given evidence of its ability.