Harvard Freshmen, 9; Andover, 0.

At 2.30 P. M. on Saturday the famous "brick yard" at Andover, in a fair condition in spite of the rain, was covered by a crowd from the Academy and about 100 freshmen. At 2.45 P. M. the ball was kicked off, with Andover at the upper side of the field. It was quickly returned by Fargo, forced close down to Andover's goal, where, after a fifteen minutes' struggle, Holden, assisted by Porter and Noble, made a touch-down. He failed to kick a goal, however, as it was a hard place. The ball was then brought out, remained at the middle some minutes, and soon forced again to the Andover end of the field, where Noble did some very good tackling and dropping on the ball. King of Andover then made one of the best rushes of the game, but was neatly thrown by Hurd. By good plays of Dennison and Cullrane, the ball went up to Harvard's end of the field, and was kiched over the line. The ball then went right back to the Andover goal, where Hurd made a fine rush. Holden then kicked a beautiful goal from the field. The ball then went to Harvard's end but was quickly forced out, and the first half ended with the ball in the middle of the field, and the score of 9 to 0 in favor of Harvard. The second half was begun by a fine rush of Germer's, but he was thrown and his finger broken and Dunham took his place. The ball was forced to within two or three feet of Andover's goal line, and Holden nearly secured a touch down. Porter then made a fine rush from the field, and touched the ball behind the goal line, unluckily going out before he did so.

The second half ended without any change in the score, and the delighted Freshmen carried the winning team off the field. Of the freshmen, Holden's and Porter's playing was remarkably fine; Fargo kicked and ran well, but fumbled frequently; Noble played a very plucky game but his passing was uncertain at times. In the rush line Hurd and Peters clearly bore off the palm; Hurd's tackling was remarkable. Bancroft played a very steady game; Churchill made a fine centre rush. The team was somewhat weakend by the loss of Woodman and Osgood. Following are the teams: Harvard, '88; rushers, Bancroft, Peters, Hurd, Churchill, Purdon, Homans, Balch; quarterback, Noble; halfbacks, Holden and Fargo; fullback, Porter. (captain.)

Andover, rushers, Bradford, Carter, Weyerhauser, Odlin, (captain,) Sequr, Winter, Fleming; quarterback, Cullrane; halfback's, Germer, (Dupont,) Dennison; fullback, King, Umpire for Harvard, Mr. Fiske, '87. For Andover, Mr. Gutterson. Referre, Mr. Tilton '87.