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It is with pleasure that we pass from the above discouraging subject to that of the freshman game with Andover. '88 seem to have acquitted themselves so far on the foot ball field with considerable credit. Their game with Adams, although against a very weak eleven, showed that they knew how to work together and to work quickly as so large a score as 69 does not admit of much dilly-dallying. The Andover game was played against worthy opponents who, all confess, played a good game. The better playing of the '88 men alone carried them to victory. Andover is a school which infuses so much life into its athletics, that its teams, especially elevens, are very hard to defeat. '85 was the last successful class to win a foot ball game from that academy, and before that game the record of Andover victories stretched back unbroken for several years. These facts are given to show that the freshmen have done something over which they may justly feel elated.

But let not pride go before a fall. There will doubtless be tougher adversaries to meet before the season has closed. Exeter has a fine eleven this season and then there is the freshman Yale game, for which this previous work is all preparatory. The Yale men have the advantage of playing a dropped '87 man, who was one of the strongest players on the eleven of last year, their men are working hard and the material seems from all reports to be good. In a game against the Yale University eleven the freshmen held them down to a score of only 25 points, much better than any of the smaller college teams have been able to do this season. Rejoice, freshmen, but in your rejoicing take warning and work for the trials to come.