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We heartily endorse the decision of the marshals of the sophomore and freshman classes to discontinue the customary rush after the procession. The general sentiment in college during the past ten years has been opposed to hazing or class rushes of every description. Indeed, the average Harvard student has affected to regard the annual cane rushes at other colleges as childish exhibitions. If we desire to be consistent in our views, whatever we derogate in others, cannot be encouraged among ourselves even at intervals of four years. Of course, there will be the usual objection of conservatives who never desert a custom without protest. We must bear in mind, however, that the animosity necessary for a contest between the two lower classes no longer exists; generous rivalry has taken its place. Why, then keep up the form of a rush, if the spirit is gone? If a branch of a tree is dead, we lop it off. For the same reason, a rush for which none of the participants seem very anxious, should be given up.