Wesleyan Defeats our Eleven.


The Wesleyan game was played at Hartford on Saturday afternoon at 3 P. M. Wesleyan had a very heavy team, and, we are ashamed to say it, our team allowed themselves to be bulldozed and played a very sandless game after they had seen their adversaries play a short time. At the start the ball was rushed up close to the Wesleyan goal and Kimball made a kick for goal which struck the crossbar. Loose tackling by our eleven allowed the Wesleyan men to force the ball close to our end of the field. Judd, one of the Wesleyan halfbacks, here made a fair catch and Saxe kicked a goal. The ball, after being started from the middle, was again forced to Harvard's 25-yard line, and Judd kicked the second goal from the field. Something more than half the first inning was now gone and the ball was on Wesleyan territory, when Saxe getting hold of the ball made a beautiful rush, the feature of the game, and made a touchdown directly behind the Harvard goal and Judd kicked the goal, making the score 16 to 0 in favor of Wesleyan. The reasons for thus allowing the Wesleyan men to approach the Harvard end so often were poor tackling and a refusal to fall on the ball by our rushers, and the magnificent kicking of the Wesleyan half-backs.

The second inning showed some improvement in the play of the Harvard eleven, and with the advantage of the light wind they kept the ball at Wesleyan's end of the grounds. Nothing was gained by either side, for when Harvard got the ball near the Wesleyan goal line Harvard could not force it through and lost the ball. Willard distinguished himself by remarkable fine catching throughout the game and by good low kicking. Peabody's tackling was of the best, he tackling two men in succession when they had passed all others. Kimball made some good kicks and several good rushes but fumbled several times. Of the rush line the less said the better. Wesleyan played a very rough game and took every unfair advantage that they could. Every one of their men was warned and one of the men was ordered off the field by the referee. Our team was as follows: rushers, Keith, Thayer, Gilman, Winslow, Brooks, Phillips and Simpkins; quarterback, Bemis; halfbacks, Kimball and Willard; fullback, Peabody. Mr. Terry of Yale acted acted as referee and Mr. O. S. Howard, '85, as the umpire for Harvard.