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"Old men forget; yea all shall be forgot; yet he'll remember with advantages the deeds he did that day."

Well, it is all over now. The great student parade has passed by, and on into the dusty column of college traditions. What man that followed the Harvard transparencies last night will ever forget the amount of fun that was crowded into those few short hours? It will be many a year before the incoming freshmen cease to hear of last night's exploits; and the tales that are handed down to future classes will lose nothing in magnitude, be well assured. Yes, it was a great parade; the brass band exhausted its repertoire, then, as encore, exhausted it again, and finally gained fresh glory by playing all its tunes through backwards; the drum corps eclipsed anything in the procession, and devoted itself to its work as if never expecting to see a "sheepskin" again; the police squad made as fitting a preface to our delegation as did '88 form an appropriate finis; everyone was pleased; everything was propitious; the streets were dry, and-so were we. Let us congratulate ourselves on our luck in weather and jollity, and then hang our "plugs" upon the wall, for it would, perhaps, be useless to try them on this morning; and then let our college life run on again in its customary channels. The great parade of '84 was a glorious success; let it be long remembered.