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Many of the newest college buildings are four stories in height and the loftiest rooms are only reached after a climb of four long flights of stairs. Many a time the weary student reaches the top floor, knocks at the door of the man he seeks and finds, alas! that his knocks meet with no response. We all know how discouraging it is and wish that some remedy could be found. This nuisance of climbing stairs would be much lessened if a system of indicators was only in vogue here. Such a system is in use at Yale and in many city business blocks and is of great service as a labor and time saving arrangement. If the college would only supply the basis for such an indicator, a properly numbered frame for each entry, they would last for a long time. The indicator could be in charge of the janitor, who would at the beginning of each year collect the cards of the men in each entry of the building in his charge and place them in their proper positions in the frames. By a simple slide or moving cover below each name the fact of a man's presence or absence from his room would be made known to every one and all unnecessary climbing of stairs would be obviated. Not only would this indicator be of service for the above named purpose, but it would also show to the inquiring stranger, what men lived in each entry and guide him faultlessly in his search for friends. This plan we submit to the notice of the college authorities and hope it will receive some attention.