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The trip which the university eleven is to make this week to Canada naturally recalls the similar tour which our team made about six years ago. In that year the Rugby rules for football playing had just been generally adopted by the colleges of America, and it was partly to test their worth that the trip was undertaken. Results showed that the Canadian teams, with their longer acquaintance with the Rugby game, were unable to compete successfully against the Harvard men. The eleven made a brilliant record during their stay in the North, and met with a most cordial reception from their antagonists. The team from Cambridge succeeded in defeating the Magill University eleven, and then scored another hard-earned victory over the All Canada picked team. This was a most gratifying record, and it would be remembered with the more pride had not the work of that season been spoiled by one most unfortunate event; our team was beaten by Yale that fall, and has been beaten by Yale every year since. Two years ago the Magill University team played a match on Holmes Field, again meeting with disaster at our hands. We wish every success to our eleven on its present trip, and expect it, with the memory of past exploits before it, to win fresh inter-national honors for the University.