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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON :-I should like to call attention through your columns to the present library regulations of closing a half-hour before sunset. This is in one respect an absurd regulation,-one causing much inconvenience to certain students. It happens to myself, and I suppose to many others, to have lectures three days in the week from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M. There are others who probably have such every day in the week except Saturdays. Now is it fair that we should be debarred from drawing out books at night simply because we have such lectures? To night several of us students were prevented from getting reference books for the night, because we found the library closed. In view of this fact, I should like to make the suggestion to the managers of the library, that hereafter, they leave it open till 4.15. that students like myself, may secure what books they need for the evening's reading.

H. '85.