Shakspere Club Meeting.

Last evening the Shakespeare Club held its first public meeting before a fair sized audience of ladies and gentlemen. The President, Mr. Jones, briefly stated that the object of the club was to cultivate the art of speaking in public, and that it was the intention of the club to continue these public meetings at intervals throughout the year. The selections, he said, had been prepared by the speakers without any drill or assistance whatever, on the part of the instructors in elocution.

The programme, consisting of recitations, was as follows: Mr. Halbert, '85, Longfellow's "Bridge; " Mr. Noble, '85, Tennyson's "Ulysses;" Mr. Goodale, '85, "Lee's Miserables;" Mr. Bailey, '85, Hamlet to the Players; Mr. Hanson, '85, Selection from Webster; Mr. Greenman, '85, Selections from Macbeth; Mr. Bowen, '85, Ruskin to the Cadets at Woolwich; Mr. Winter, "The Spanish Duel." Most of the speakers howed careful preparation. Mr. Winter, who spoke last, was treated to an encore by the enthusiastic audience. His response, the "Widow Malone," was one of the cleverest things we have heard. The meeting on the whole was a decided success. The audience was an appreciative one and showed much interest. The future public meetings of the club will doubtless be as well if not better attended than the first.