Mid-Year Examinations.

The provisional list of the Mid-Year Examinations for 1884-85 is at length, some two weeks behind time. It will be noticed that the examinations begin a few days earlier than usual and consequently are over on Feb. 7. For the first time the freshmen will take their examinations at the same time with the upper classmen instead of before Christmas.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 21.Sophomore Rhetoric.

Freshman Rhetoric.

Political Econom 3.

THURSDAY, JAN. 22.Greek 8.

German 6, 8.

French 3, 4.

Philosophy 11.

History 5, 12, 16, 18.

Mathemetics D.

FRIDAY, JAN. 23.Semitic 3.

Greek 11.

French 7, 11.