A Reversible Story.

First, two rivals, Messrs. Nostaw and Colonel, who both love Miss Harvard Crewel. Colonel is getting the best of it,-why, Nostaw has no show at all! Miss Crewel puts perfect confidence in Colonel, leaving poor Nostaw out in the cold entirely. What can Nostaw do? Colonel must be cut out-but how? Let us see. Nostaw has two friends. two very intimate friends, but neither of them is a minister-there's where the rub comes!

What does Nostaw do but hunt up a minister, drop one of his old friends, and take the minister into his confidence and friendship. What next? Nostaw has himself and a minister, and all he needs now for the marriage is Miss Crewel. He and the minister go to the fair one's relatives, tell them what an unsuitable man Mr. Colonel is in every particular, and finally influence them to kick Colonel out of the house on the occasion of his next call. A few days pass and Miss Crewel is hurried away in a carriage with Nostaw and the minister and married by the latter to the former. It was all a piece of jobbery, and we think that Miss Harvard Crewel was really cruelly treated to say nothing of Mr. Colonel, her true over.