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A few days ago a very vigorous argument was carried on through the columns of the Yale News on the subject of "Glee Club Songs." The points on which this discussion was based were whether our glee clubs are singing songs "immoral" or "impure" or "worthy of a low variety theatre," as for instance the 'Pope,' and in endeavoring to find which writer had said the other was "no gentleman." And while of course we deem it ridiculous to claim that the clubs of the various colleges are singing songs either "immoral" or "impure," still it is remarkable how few new songs are coming into general favor. Why is it that there are no new songs written as taking in their melodies as the old ones? Or rather why is it that such songs are not brought into popular favor? The same old songs with but few additions are sung year after year, and although now and then complaints are heard, nothing of importance has yet been done. Our own glee club started a laudable practice in its last concert in particular by rendering several new songs, and it is right here that we find the root of the whole question. It certainly must be through the medium of the glee clubs that any change can be made, and it seems to us as if the clubs have it in their power to make this change from old to new songs if they choose. Beyond doubt, it is merely a question of time as to when some changes must be made, and it would be far better to make this change before it is forced upon us. The glee clubs from their position must be the pioneers in this movement, and to them we must assign either the praise or blame of its fortunes.